We love to blog our weddings but its equally lovely to see our brides blog about their day. This is Beccy’s wedding day memories. A simple story, but lots of emotion shines through, the support and love of family and friends around her, rather than a lot of detail its sometimes easy to get caught up with. A lovely blog post relating how her day unfolded and what it meant to her, sharing little gems like taking to time to pause at the top of the isle before walking down to her awaiting groom to take in that  magical moment.  What came over was the emotions she described, the feelings of joy, the hug with her dad at the speeches we had captured.  Gave us such pleasure to know we had captured her day just as she was feeling – that is the best testimonial we can think of for us. Indeed several of her shared images feature in our highlights from 2012 and we were chuffed she though the confetti/umbrella shot was a stand out shot for her as it was for us too.

So please read Beccy’s story of her wedding day and let her words match the images she has shared….just follow the link

Beccy also shared about the afternoon they spent with us on their pre-wed shoot which they really enjoyed and helped build the rapport between us so we could capture those natural photos of them throughout the day.  Thank you Beccy for sharing with us.  I would encourage other brides to write their memories and have them with their wedding images, a  truly special memento of the day.