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When couples are checking out wedding photographers, the chances are they’re focussing on the big day itself and don’t even realise such a thing as a couples shoot or what is also known as pre wedding  or even exists. 

We just love these sessions with our couples, seeing how they soon relax working with us and begin to forget that they are even on a photo shoot and focus on each other, which after all  is what it is all about!! Our couples shoots are all about celebrating your love in this special season of your lives together and are as unique as you are as a couple.

Our couple shoots are a great way for us to get to know each other better before your wedding day. We get to experience you as a couple, and you can see and experience our friendly and natural style  of photography. This helps you relax and feel more confident with us, get rid of those camera nerves  and realise that having your photo taken is not the scary experience you once imagined! but is actually fun an even something to look forward to!

There is no doubt that this goes along way to making your wedding day a more relaxed enjoyable experience, a factor that we know shines through in your images.

Its is a great idea to have your shoot at a different season of year which can make for a neat contrast to your wedding images. We spend up to 90 minutes with our couples on location on the Wirral. We suggest choosing somewhere personal to you where you will feel comfortable. But don’t worry if no location jumps out to you we have a list of good places to suggest to you. What better way to end our time together than having a cuppa to catch up  and talk through your wedding plans and have fun together. Your images will be hand edited by us and uploaded to your online gallery for you to enjoy. The images will then be included with your wedding images on our branded USB

Overall we will have fun together, be prepared for your wedding day and have some beautiful and natural images taken of you and your fiance looking like yourselves, rather than like a bride and groom,  which you will get to look back at and enjoy.

Maybe you have already sorted what you will be wearing on your wedding day. However, figuring out what to wear for your couple shoot may seem a little trickier. Our advice would be that choosing your outfits shouldn’t be something to stress about. Here are some simple tips.

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Most importantly be yourself. Wear outfits that feel like you. In our opinion the best images are those where our couples look and feel like themselves. Wearing an outfit you’re comfortable in will only help you relax and let your personalities shine; your happiness will show through and influence the overall mood in the photos.

Choose outfits that are easy to move around in and fit you well. The better you feel in your clothes, the more relaxed you will be during your shoot, which will result in you looking your best in your pictures.

If you like colour then fear not, bright colours really pop on camera. Our only advice is to try and wear colours that complement each other.

Try to avoid wearing all white, all black or matching outfits. If you don’t dress like this every day of the week, we don’t recommend doing so for your shoot.

Finally a couples shoot is a great way to “try out” your hair stylist and make-up artist before the big day. You’ll get to see how you’ll look in professional photos to see if you want any adjustments made for your wedding.


More relaxed  More comfortable and More confident.

Some couples want to use their images in the run up to their wedding day whether this be as invitation or save the day cards. Why not use your images to add an extra personal touch to your wedding with our bespoke guest book.

Guest Book Details

Bespoke Pixsmiths Guest Book

Our personalised guest signing books are extremely popular.
A unique keepsake personalised with your engagement images and plenty of space for your guest comments.

The price of your unique guest signing book boxed  and with pen is £150

Our guest book is 8″ x 8″ and comes with 15 spreads (30 pages) as standard but more can be added at £10 per spread up to a maximum of 25 spreads

Lots of Fun and Fab Pictures to enjoy