An Album is where images come alive to be enjoyed by generations to come

OK, you’ve seen your images on your online gallery and now it’s time to make your album. Yay!! We just love making albums and this page is all about trying to make it as easy as possible for you.

There are two ways to go about building your album:

1. Pre-design: To much Choice? don’t know where to start? Then this is where we come to the rescue by starting  the process by mocking up a design for you from our feel of the day, and then send it to you in digital format for your input. You can now request changes in layout and choice of images. If this redesign meets your approval we ask for conformation and having been signed off it will be sent to the printers. However if things still just need tweaking we allow two further rounds of alterations within the standard album fee. Further alterations occur an additional fee of £10 per page.

2. Choice-design: This is where the process is kicked off by our couples choosing their favourite images and we will build around them. We don’t always guarantee that we can use every image chosen by our couples and we may need to add others to keep the integrity and flow of page designs. The process then continues as noted above.

For those who have as yet not purchased their albums please see price list below…
Album Price list


 Main Albums 

10 x 10 (15 Spreads/30 pages) £375.   Extra spreads @ £15 each.

12 x 12 (20 Spreads/30 pages) £495.   Extra spreads @ £20 each.

Parent  Albums 

1  8 x 8 Parent Copy Album   £150  Extra spreads @ £10 each.

2  8 x 8 Parent Copy Albums £240  Extra spreads @ £20 each.

3  8 x 8 Parent Copy Albums £330  Extra spreads @  £30 each

4  8 x 8 Parent Copy Albums £420  Extra spreads @ £40 each.



Tip. Don’t get carried away and try and squeeze too many images into your album.. They can easily become too busy and begin to resemble scrap books.!

Now we are getting to the nitty-gritty of designing your album. If you have decided to opt for the choose – design option  then you can quickly and easily send us your list via your on-line gallery.
How to choose your Favourites

Log into your online gallery.

Hover the mouse pointer over or tap on the image or the thumbnail of the image. You will then see a heart shaped icon in one of the top corners, click on it to add the photo to a Favourites List.

The image chosen is then added to ‘Favorites; My Selection’ which appears at the top left of you screen. (sorry about the American spelling).

You can access your selected images to review or edit them at any time by clicking on it. This selection will automatically be updated every time you click on the heart icon to select another image.

When you are happy with this selection and are ready to share it with us then hover your mouse pointer or tap ‘My Selection’ and a drop down box will give you the option to ‘Edit My Selection’ click or tap this to take you through to you see your selected images.

On the right of the screen you will find ‘Share favorites’ button. click here and a dialogue box opens.

Select ‘share to Photographer’ if you want to send a message to us type in the message box and then click ‘Share’

All done!

So how many images should you choose?

We advise our couples to resist trying to fill ever square inch of the albums. Your images will look better by giving them ‘space to breath’ on the spreads. So as a rough guide we normally suggest for the 10 x 10 Albums which come with 15 spreads to think in terms of 40 – 55 images. However there is always the option to purchase a further Spreads (upto 30 spreads in total) which would mean your album holding approx 100 images. Concerning the 12 x 12 Albums which come with 20 spreads we suggest that you aim for around the 50 – 65 images, with the option to purchase a further 30 spreads this would take approx 150 images.

Helpful Hints

The use of negative space draws the eye to the images and is a creative modern way to present a page for that designer look

The Albums we use allow us to use the full dimensions of you spreads without the gutter interfering or spoiling the image. We always like to include some full Spread images to give your album that wow factor

If you are including spreads of the speeches and evening party time then these are the spreads to go wild and include a larger number of images on a spread. Limiting the number of these types of spreads in your album gives them a unique energetic and fun impact

What images should we choose? and how to go about it.?

To help you focus on telling the story of your day it can be helpful to break your day into segments and choose images relevant to these segmants. Lets use a real album of Jill and Antony as an example. We were with them all day and divided the day into the following sections 1. Before the service. 2. The service. 3. Groups 4. Venue. 5. Portrait (our absolute favourite part!) 6. Speeches. 7. The Party Then we go looking for images relevant to these segments of time. This is only a guide not a universal pattern! It depends on what you want but if it is helpful here are their album details

  1. Before the service, Preps:  Details 1 Spread. The Ladies getting ready 1 Spread and not forgetting the men! 1 Spread = 3 spreads and 22 images
  2. The service: Arriving at church and to the alter 1 Spread, During the Service 1 Spread and coming out 1 Spread  = 3 Spreads and 13 images
  3. Groups:= 2 Spreads 9 images
  4. Venue: Arrival and people shots =1 Spread 9 images
  5. Portrait Shoot:= 6 Spreads 13 images
  6. Speeches:  Speeches, room details and people shots = 2 Spreads 20 images
  7. The Party!: Party and first Dance = 2 spreads 17 Images

In this album 4 spreads were added to give the room needed to showcase their portrait shot, for this is what was felt as being important, while no part of the day was missed out.