Laugh, love, have fun and enjoy every moment of your day! It’s your special day as it will go faster than you can believe.


We just love sharing in your special day. The emotions, the fun, the moments shared and of cause captured! just make us smile throughout the day and are not unknown to tug at the old tear ducts!!!  Most  couples have been to a few weddings but never had to organise one, so find the whole idea of planning their wedding day time line from scratch can seem a  daunting  task. So we thought that it might be helpful to draw from our many years of experience and put some info together that will help you plan and enjoy your Wedding Day.

The Timeline

What follows is a guide  to give you a sense of the flow of the day. It is based on July Wedding. The Bride is getting ready at her parents house about 10 mins away from the Church. A 1 pm Church ceremony with a reception venue about 10 minutes away and Wedding breakfast set at 4.30pm.  illustrating the added element of travel time. Remember this a guide only and different elements will need to be changed based on your own situation, but hopefully it gives you an idea of how to factor in the different parts of the day. Also, it’s worth remembering that weddings rarely run according to schedule, so although it is a good idea to have the timeline planned out in detail, we always just go with the flow on the wedding day!

9.30am. Photographers arrive at Preps Venue

11.55am.  Photographers leave bride for ceremony venue

12.15pm.  Meet the men at the church

12.50pm. Bride arrives at Church (photo’s and last minute adjustments)

1.00pm.  Ceremony



1.50pm. Congratulations outside ceremony venue

2.10pm. Large group shot & Confetti Shot

2.20pm. Leave for Reception Venue

3.00pm. Group photographs at venue (8 groups)

3.30pm. Bride & Groom portrait shoot

4.00pm. Candid mingle shots and Room detail shoots

4.30pm.  Bride & Groom enter the room, and Wedding Breakfast is served

6.30pm. Speeches

7.15pm Second Bride & Groom portrait shoot (if needed)

7.30pm Candid guest shots

8.30pm Cutting of Cake and First Dance

8.45pm. Party time

10.00pm ish Photographers Leave

Now let’s look at the day in detail and some helpful tips

Preps and details

We love sharing this part of the day with our brides, their family and friends and not forgetting the important brides maids! Capturing the fun and laughter, the reflective moments as you prepare for your special day and maybe the odd tear of joy, the look of pride and love from parent to child.

We never lose sight of the fact that this is your day and work around you capturing moments in a friendly unobtrusive way. The odd word of experience and knowing smile helps bring calmness to start the day. We also take the opportunity to creatively record those special details for you to remember for the rest of your life

Getting ready – Whether you are doing your own hair & makeup, or are having professionals,  the morning will absolutely fly by.

Tip: It  will take much longer than you think to do everything. It is much better to factor in plenty of time so you can to be relaxed and chilled out.

Tip: Still on the subject of timing consider how long it will take to get into and fasten your dress. Laced back dresses take a long time to fasten especially if there is no one handy who has done one before!

Tip: If you want those getting dressed shots then  we advise that the brides maids are dressed first. This makes for better images than if they are in their gym jams (unless that is what you want)

Tip: if you are wanting images of the parents first look  then you need to be dressed at least 20 minutes before the time set for us to leave for the Church/venue to meet the men. You will need to arrange with your makeup and hair stylist to be finished at a specific time. so you can get dressed.

Tip: have all your important details pulled together and any labels removed. For example any special jewellery you will be wearing, shoes, dresses, perfume etc

Above all enjoy this time together with friends and family!!

Don't forget the men

We will usually arrange to meet the men about 45 minutes before the service begins at the Church or venue. All suited and booted we take them to one side and for approx 10 minutes as we take advantage of the surroundings to capture a mixture of formal and casual fun shots

Tip: This may sound obvious but Avoid stress by making sure all ushers and best men are there on time and have their button holes! Our window of opportunity is quite small so any delay means lost shots. However, There are maybe opportunities later if there is time.

Two become One

From the walking in of the first brides maid to the grand entrance of the bride, the first look and the intimacy of the vows are all key moments that we seek to record for you where possible (depending on house rules) then the first kiss (make it a good one!!) the signing of register to the triumphant and proud exit of the new Mr and Mrs. These are all precious moments to enjoy on the day and for years to come

Tip: The bride should try to get to the Church at least 10 minutes before the service , this gives time for some pictures, last minute adjustments and above all to breath!

Tip: walk slowly up the isle. fear and excitement makes you want to walk faster than you think so slow down enjoy this extra special time.

Tip: if you are walking down the isle after the bridesmaids then leave plenty of space between you and the last bridesmaid. to give us the time to get a shot of you. (And walk Slowly!)

Tip: When saying your vows don’t forget to look at each other! you are not marrying the minister/registrar .

Tip: when you are both walking out of the service don’t look down at the floor but look at  each other and your guests and enjoy this moment.

Tip: If you are having a Church Wedding then ask the minister how long the service will be. A church ceremony can take from 35 minutes to 1 hour. If you are having a registry office or civil ceremony, this can take around 20 minutes.

Tip: After the ceremony, people can often under-estimate the amount of time that it will take just for everyone to exit the church or registry office and congratulate the happy couple! Make sure you  allow enough time for people exit, to hug and congratulate and chat with you  this is a lovely time for candid photos too, so do enjoy welcoming all your guests!  (as a guide from experience 50 guests can easily take 10-15 minutes to exit a Church)

Group Shots

A note on your formal group photos –We like to limit the number of group arrangements to a maximum of eight to ten groups. It takes about three minutes per group photograph, on average, depending on everyone being close at hand, so this can take up to thirty minutes. (this is a big chunk of time if you have a tight schedule) If we spend much longer on groups then we find that guests get bored and tend to wander off. We send a suggested list of group photographs  about 2 – 3 weeks before your wedding so we can have a chat about them.

Tip: It can be a great help to have a nominated person(s) who know both families, to help us with finding people if required. This can save a lot of time!

Tip: Don’t think that you have to have everyone in these formal groups shots. We can capture many informal groups through the rest of the day, plus we will have many candid shots of your  guests.

Tip: If the Church has enough space it can be a good idea to do your groups at the church where your guests are less prone to disappearing to the bar or check in their rooms.

Tip: If you are going to have your groups at the reception venue then  remember to factor in not just the journey time, but also the time it will take your guests to get to their cars, park, etc. In some cases this can double travelling time, and reduce the amount of time you think you have so it’s best to be generous with timings.

Portrait Shoot

This is a time for just the two of you! and us of course! to get some beautiful and relaxed images of you both. We have an extensive knowledge of many venues on the Wirral and if it is a new venue to us we would have pre visited the venue to plan the best sites for you! if you do decide to travel away from your venue don’ forget to plan for enough travelling time

Tip: Ladies bring a change of shoes if you want shots on grass or in countryside then save those nice shoes for later and feel comfortable during the shoot.

Tip: if the you venue(s) don’t offer much in the way of options to work with, then think of travelling to somewhere near by maybe a park or somewhere architecturally interesting. Just allow enough time to make the best of what’s available.

Tip: If it is very hot or wet then if the light is good we can always do your portrait shoot after your wedding breakfast.


Speeches are a great opportunity to capture special emotional moments as well as much laughter.  We focus both on the top table and your guests. Speeches are traditionally after the meal but some decide to have them before the meal so that the men can enjoy their meal. There is no right or wrong way to to them, it is your day do it your way.

Tip: We realise that many people are not used to public speaking but try to avoid reading your speeches. This tends to lead to the speakers having their faces buried in paper rather that looking at their guests.

Candid Shots

These are the images where people are being photographed unknowingly and are just naturally being themselves. They can be found through out the day and are a great way of seeing your guests enjoying themselves.

First Dance

Then there is the first dance where you get to celebrate what we hope will be the first of many dances together as Mr and Mrs. Love the idea or dread it we encourage our couples to enjoy each other in this moment and we will get some wonderful romantic shots for you


Party Time!!

Then the Party!! every wedding is different and depending on the nature of the group of friends and family there can be a lot of dancing or just little. We usually stay for at least two or three dances after the first dance to record the atmosphere of everyone enjoying themselves. But the emphasis is on fun