Your wedding photography is your one chance to look back at your wedding day and to relive the special moments of your story again and again.

Our story so far……

Over 30 years ago Sandy made me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife. Our love for travelling and photography was born on our honeymoon in Sorrento Italy and has never left us but only increased over the years. Our passion for photography found a new expression when we were asked to photograph a friend’s wedding. The heady mixture of the sheer thrill, challenge, creativity and privilege of capturing such important and emotional moments in a couples lives struck a chord deep within both of us and we were hooked…..

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So 13 years ago we decided that’s what we do, and we started on the journey of what is honestly for us the best job in the world. After a few years of calling ourselves Mr & Mrs Smith Digital Photography, yes it’s a mouthful and half! which just happened to be when that iconic film Mr & Mrs Smith was all the rage telling the story of a husband and wife who unknown to each other were assassins.  And yes  we  have to confess we did make use of the pun of ‘we can shoot you’ Anyway sanity eventually returned. Since we were Smiths by name and as taking pictures is what we did, so the name Pixsmiths was born. Over the last few years as destination wedding have increasingly become popular; we have had the thrill of adding our love of travelling to our love of photography and weddings. It has been like adding a scoop of delicious ice-cream to a warm chocolate fudge cake to make complete a perfect desert (another passion of ours!!!)  We do have to pinch ourselves when we  see being played (and captured) before our eyes the love, vows and fun shared between a couple amidst their families and friends, all within the beauty of the setting of a destination chosen by our couples. We treasure being involved in the lives of so many couples and their families over the years, most of which are still good friends today, except when they celebrate their fifth and tenth wedding anniversaries and we cannot believe where the years have gone!  But I guess that is what happens when we are enjoying the best Job in the world!

Thinking about having a destination wedding?

Then literally the world is your oyster! Who doesn’t get excited about the idea of getting away to somewhere gorgeous, whether that be exotic tropical  sandy beaches,  spectacular mountain views, romantic castle, Chateau or rustic old world charm of vineyard or village. The options now open to you are ever increasing ….

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You don’t have to limit your choice to the same old local spots all your friends have booked!  You have the opportunity to break the mould to try something fresh, its more than trying to be different, it’s about being able to choose a loved or new location that ensures you have a wedding that is completely and uniquely you. Sold on the idea? Then here are more reasons why an increasing number of couples are choosing to exchange their vows in romantic destinations around the world.

It gives you the opportunity to allow either the in-house or independent planners to take most of the stress and strain off your hands as they use their expertise, experience and vast  local knowledge  to pull together  the many details that go to make your wedding day special.

It can be far less expensive than you think and can be a surprisingly realistic and affordable alternative to local venues.

With destination weddings requiring a longer time commitment, travel, and hotel stays they give you a perfect opportunity to exclude those seemingly endless obligatory invites and focus more on your must-have friends and loved ones. Besides saving a bunch of money it makes for a more intimate wedding.

With the standard wedding lasting for about 8 hours, during which the bride and groom spend most of that time running  around trying to say hello to everyone. A destination wedding often spanning a minimum of three days means, now that you’ve finally gotten your nearest and dearest together, you have a chance to integrate all of your friends and families and actually spend quality time with them! And ultimately, your friends and family will have a blast!

What next?

Ok, so you want to have a destination wedding, well done you! Have you thought of taking a photographer with you? Couples who take their photographer with them find that their experience on and after their wedding day less unpredictable and stressful. …..

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If your photography is important to you, invest some time researching to find a photographer that produces work in a style that you like. Take time to connect with them, face to face or  by using social media. You will never get the images you really want without knowing your photographer’s style or without your photographer having a connection with you. So why leave it to chance.

Yes there is a cost to taking a photographer with you, but usually you will get so much more for your investment. For example, we would normally cover from preps to the party after the first dance. A subcontracted venue photographer will not spend anywhere near as much time with you on your day. They would provide you with a much smaller number of images typically 40 -100. Whereas we would provide couples with between 500 -800 high resolution images on our branded USB with printing rights and also an on-line gallery.

Those using a package photographer would also have to choose their limited number of images usually sometime during the next day or two just when you want to relax. There is also the issue of albums and after care both of which will be limited in comparison . Bringing your own handpicked photographer with you to photograph your destination wedding can be one of the best wedding decisions you make and one you will be glad you did for the rest of your lives.

Do you want us?

I guess the burning question at the moment is how much will it cost us? Well that will of course depend on where in the world you are choosing to host your special day.  Why not get in touch and have a chat about your plans and ask us to put together a quote for you. Just give us the date (always important!), venue details, an idea of what kind of coverage you would like and an estimation of party size. Our quotes will always include

1) Our arrival at your destination at least 2 days prior to you big day (if possible) to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings so we can begin building some ideas for  your photo shoot. With our creative juices flowing, and near bursting with excitement to then meet up with you  and have a chat about our ideas and catch up on any last minute ‘tweaks’ to your plans. It would also give us time to have a pre – wedding shoot  with you (always a good idea!) if you requested one and didn’t have it before you left home.

2) A realistic contribution to all travel and living costs & permits (if required)

3) Our relaxed & natural wedding photography covering by two smiling photographers before, on and after your day as pre-agreed.

4) Online gallery  of your images to be seen firstly by yourselves (password protected) and then by your guest and friends whether they live around the world or just around the corner.

5) Your photographs lovingly handpicked & individually edited by us in hi resolution on one of our branded usb’s with printing rights

6) Any of our beautiful hand crafted album combinations if reqested by our couples with a nice discount added if pre ordered before the wedding.

Latest News

We are very pleased to announce that in 2018 we are already booked for Italy & Croatia. So don’t leave it too long before you get in touch.

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