Memorable Wedding Moments

Memorable Wedding Moments

Most Memorable Wedding Moments 

Every bride envisions a perfect wedding day. They hope that every moment will give them memories they’ll live to cherish.
However, there are moments of the wedding day that are considered the most memorable.

For one bride, the most memorable moment might be walking down the aisle to meet her groom. For another, it might be the moment they share their first kiss as husband and wife.
Here are some of the recorded moments that some brides termed as the most memorable in the history of time. 



1. The Grand Entrance

All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle to meet your groom. Your wedding dress and make up will make a statement.
Choose your wedding dress carefully if you intend to make a lasting impression.
Each of the strides you take towards the altar matters. It’s up to you to set a tone that will forever linger in your mind and that of your guests.
Most importantly, choose unique lighting and tone it with fantastic music.

Avoid being nervous as this may spoil the moment. The best you can do is focus on what’s ahead.
At this moment, the only people that matter in the world are you and your soon-to-be-husband. 


2. The Vow Exchange

This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for, and it carries the weight of the whole ceremony.
Your heart, mind, and soul must all cooperate to give this moment all the attention it deserves.
Your officiant plays a significant role in setting the mood for this moment.

The officiant can be a religious leader, a special family member, or a government official.
What matters most is that they understand your needs and feelings as a couple.
How they conduct the ceremony should relay your love as a couple to the guests on this big day. 

Besides, you want someone articulate, entertaining, and outgoing. They also shouldn’t rush you through the process as though it doesn’t matter.
Their attributes will help capture or scatter the attention of the guests. 

For a more personal touch, write your own vows. 


3. The Food

What you serve your guests will either make or break the deal. Nothing lingers in the minds of wedding guests like the reception session.
If you want them to remember your wedding as a blast, spend a little more on the food and drinks.
Also, make sure that wedding accessories are in tone with the type of food.
If you are keen on something special, think about
personalized wooden barrel where you can serve the best bourbon for your guests!

However, the food won’t be memorable for you if you don’t have the time to enjoy it. This is a common occurrence, as many activities are demanding the attention of the couple.
As a tip, have your service provider save up some food for you to enjoy later when more settled.

4. Entertainment

Your guests want to have fun at your wedding, and there’s no better way to do this than to provide them with great music.
This is another area that you’ll need to spend good money. Hire professional wedding entertainers who can very well read the mood of the crowd. 

They’ll come in handy in ensuring the crowd gets the very best of what they want.
A good DJ will have a good selection of music that’ll get the guests out of their seats. 

The favors also mean a lot to your guests. Have them packaged in a way that will show the guests how grateful you are that they came.
Give them shoddy favors, and they’ll forget about the wedding as soon as it’s over.


5. The Photo Session


This is the session that captures all the little details of the wedding day and puts them together.
It has a way of reminding you just how much fun you had on your big day. The secret is to choose a venue that has some attachment to you.

You want scenery that exhumes tranquillity and the purity of this day.
The backdrop of your photos will have so much to remind you about your wedding day years later.

Take Away

Every bride wants her wedding to be the most outstanding and the most memorable.
Achieving this is not always an easy task. A lot of planning must go into it to bring out the essential details.

Some of the most memorable moments include the entrance to the ceremony.
All eyes are usually on the bride and as such, choose your outfit carefully.
The food and entertainment are other remarkable moments for the guests.

If it feels like too much work trying to pull off a memorable wedding, work with professional wedding planners.
They know exactly what to do to make your wedding unique and unforgettable. 


Planning Christmas Wedding Inspiration

Planning Christmas Wedding Inspiration

Christmas Wedding Inspiration – Planning a Christmas Wedding

Do you love Christmas?   Are you dreaming not only of a White Christmas but a Wedding this time of year?
Planning a wedding any time of the year is special but a Christmas wedding has that extra special sparkle.
Its the most wonderful time of the year!
We always enjoy Christmas weddings, so festive,  and are looking forward to one soon.
Below are some handy tips and inspirations to consider when planning a Christmas wedding.

Festive Flowers

Holly and berries in your bouquet can add to the festive and elegant look. Teamed with white roses it looks so elegant..
Choosing seasonal foliage makes sense and should be reasonable cost as in seson
Bridemaids or brides in red look fabulous this time of year.


Have lanterns trimmed with holly and berries for bridesmaids to carry instead of bouquets

Timing of a Christmas Wedding

Remember daylight hours are less this time of year than summer weddings.  Are you drawn to natural light wedding photographers and want daylight portraits, then factor in the timing of your ceremony.
A ceremony timer of before 1pm is ideal to make sure you have time to enjoy (hopefully) some crisp winter sun hours.
if you want to check the sunrise and sunset times for any locations there are several useful sunset apps you can utilise.

Ok so you can’t have an early ceremony, perhaps registrars are booked up for your chosen time ideal time. Perhaps consider having a first look with your intended prior to the ceremony and having some portraits taken then.
Pixsmiths have captured several non-traditional weddings where couples have opted to walk down the aisle together and thus open to the idea of a “first look” beforehand.
In fact, they said it both helped to dispel with any nerves

Ok, so vision is for an intimate twilight candlelit ceremony,
Lots of candles add great ambience (if fire regs allow!)  but it takes skill to capture the ambient light and not ruin the atmosphere by over flashing.
Ensure your photographers are capable and have cameras and lenses suitable for this task – ask to see images from previous weddings.

The First kiss is always a memorable moment everyone looks forward to, but how extra special would it be under the mistletoe!
Ask Best men or even vicars (check out at your wedding rehearsal first) to hold up the mistletoe for the kiss shot


Also, consider inside options in case of bad weather.  Do you want that large photo of all the guests, does your venue have space for this? Get your photographer to suggest ideal locations for this.
If in doubt meet them at the venue for your pre-wedding chat and discuss options with them, especially if they have not worked at your venue before.

Save Money Midweek but Check Guest Availability

Midweek weddings are often a great money saver compare to weekend weddings, you can often save a good few thousand pounds at your chosen venue.
Its holiday time for many …but not for everyone! You may wish to check, however, that guests you really want to be there are available midweek and can book time off any work commitments.
See if the next day after the wedding falls on a  Bank Holiday….guests who may have to travel some distance may appreciate this  Also for those close by if its a late-night finish, the knowledge of a day off after is bliss!

Location of Venue

Snow, sleet, ice in December can always occur, so consider your venue in such weather conditions.   What will road access be like, is it in a rural setting and hard to get to?
Will you need snowshoes/boots to arrive if there is a heavy snowfall!
It may be romantic if snowed in – so check guest accommodation is available at venue or nearby that can be reached.

Inspiration from Venue Decor

Venues are normally decked out with Christmas trees and decorations, this time of year.
All cosy and inviting, log fires blazing. Make the most of those Christmas trees and baubles for your Christmas inspired images.
We loved this room at Inglewood  light colours and a big  Christamas tree – perfect for intimate shots and really add to the festive feel.

Use the Christmas season as inspiration to theme your table names, such as

Names of the Christmas Reindeer
Christmas Movies
Christmas Number One songs

festive table names ideas

How about little candy-striped sticks tucked into a napkin with a name tag.  A favour and place name in one.

festive wedding table decor ideas

Gather some fir cones and spray with silver glitter to hold your table place cards. Perfect for rustic themes.
Little touches which you can spend time on really help personalise your day, as well as saving on expensive decor.

Unleash your creative powers for making your own table plan with seasonal colours and decor
Cake topper inspiration –  snow-frosted tiered cakes with gingerbread house or sparkly snowflakes.

festive wedding ideas

Celebrate Christmas with Mulled wine and mince pies as canap[es for your guests
Invite Santa to hand out any presents during the speeches – yes we have had this for a bride who loved Christmas so much!
It was a big hit with the children kids too!

Wedding Favours

So much inspiration for festive favours, which will also decorate tour tables.
Christmas Crackers are obvious choices but think outside of the box too.
How about making your own snowflake soap. Enlist your bridesmaids to help and have fun!

So hope you found some useful tips for your Christmas wedding and some creative ideas for your Christmas Season wedding.
We have had a wonderful year and want to say a huge thank you to all our couples, past, present and future for their wonderful support
Whatever your plans have a very merry season and enjoy the wedding planning.

Merry Christmas, much love from Pixsmiths xx

festive wedding rings

p.s.  If you should get a special ring his Christmas, we would love to hear about your plans  or celebrate by booking an engagement session with us
We do love a bit of romance!

Doubletree Hilton Chester Wedding: Abbie & Scott

Doubletree Hilton Chester Wedding: Abbie & Scott

Doubletree Hilton Chester Wedding: Abbie & Scott

Gorgeous Burgundy sparkly themed autumn wedding

A long-awaited Doubletree Hilton Chester wedding of Abbie and Scott for Pixsmiths just last month.
When your sister is sparkly queen Vikki of Wirral Weddings and a much sought after venue dresser – Sapphire Bespoke Events –
you know the venue will look amazing.  She certainly didn’t disappoint.  The staff at Doubletree Hilton also remarked how fabulous it looked.
The changes for the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and the evening were perfectly co-ordinated.

Not only dressed the venue – and matched the décor with her bridesmaid’s dress but being in the wedding industry new the right suppliers for her sister.
Pixsmiths were honoured to be asked along with all the other amazing suppliers who contributed to this wonderful wedding day.
Unbeknownst to Abbie, Scott had been poorly in hospital early hours of the morning.  Being so unselfish though he didn’t want to worry his bride.
When we found out we just said, take things at your own pace, rest if necessary.  We always let our couple drive the day and not us.
You really wouldn’t know it from the pics though the story behind the day.  Abbie and Scott, you just beamed all day  xx
Enjoy your highlights x

Doubletree Hilton Chester Hotel & Spa

Bridal preps at Doubletree Hilton Chester wedding

Proud dad was bowled over by how gorgeous and radiant Abbie looked in her gown by Opulence. (sadly now closed)

Likewise, the bridesmaids and flower girl were equally impressed.
Soon it was time to head down for the ceremony to a waiting Scott.

wedding ceremony Doubletree Hilton Chester wedding

Beautiful ceremony, accompanied by classy violin playing from Vioinaround

We did have a bit of a downpour but Doubletree Hilton Chester has good options for groups indoors in its light and airy conservatory.
The boardwalk by the lake and the fountain was far too slippery to risk walking on.
However, we did have a tiny window of dry weather and some blue skies so we grabbed a few outdoor portraits and you can see how happy Abbie and Scott were.
Plus the rain provided puddles for reflections!

stunning flowers by Leaf Heswall

bridal bouquet Leaf heswall

Wedding Reception Doubletree Hilton Chester Wedding

How stunning does this room look, the huge trees, flower arches and candles …more candles Vikki kept saying, when checking the venue dressing – created an amazing atmosphere
The burgundy colour scheme and sparkly golden tablecloths created such a warm cosy feel.
A perfect setting for the wedding breakfast

Abbie and Scott are both gingers, so gingerbread was an appropriate wedding favour
The wooden cutouts for guests names worked so well too

Impressive cake by Kingfisher cakes

Time before the evening partying kicked off to have a quiet moment in a cool area of Doubletree Hilton

evening set up Doubletree Hilton Chester wedding Sapphire Bespoke events

Great Dj and music from Rock Revolution to keep the guests entertained  Abbie changed into another sparkly for dancing in after the first dance and for enjoying a sparkler sendoff..

smiling sparkly end to a Doubletree Hilton Chester Hotel wedding

Thank you Abbie and Scott for the pleasure of covering your day.  Wishing you every future happiness and look forward to the next chapter of your lives.  Love Sandy & Dave xx
Big shout out to all the amazing suppliers too who made this such a memorable treasured day for you.

Venue- Doubletree Hilton, Chester
Venue Dressing- Vikki- Sapphire Bespoke Events
Videographer- Hart Edwards
Florist- Leaf Heswall
Hair by Christopher Terrence Milea
Band/ DJ- Rock Revolution
Selfie Mirror- Pro Booths
Ceremony Music- Violinaround
Light up letters- LettersCelebrate
Dress- Opulence Bridal
Suits- Groom


Slaters Country Inn Wedding

Slaters Country Inn Wedding

Slaters Country Inn Wedding
Chelsea & Jack

Chelsea & Jack Slaters Inn Wedding

Delighted that Chelsea and Jack asked us to cover their Slater’s Country Inn Wedding in Staffordshire.
Chelsea and Jack had previously had two family shoots with us.  One when baby Flo was just a few weeks and another when she was nearly one..
We were let in on a surprise that not even Jack knew about and was not going to be publicised til after the wedding.
You can read about the surprise shoot here

Chelsea is a wonderful photographer herself so an extra special privilege to cover another wedding photographer’s big day.
We have done this a couple of times before but still extra pressure!

Ceremony St Andrews Crewe

The ceremony took place at St Andrew’s – just down the road from Crew Alexandra FC.
Such a welcome we had, offered tea beforehand ad the vicar himself moved bins out of the way for the photos.

Jack and the guys were well on time for the ceremony – Chelsea (as Jack knew she would ) kept him waiting for a while.
Bit of drizzle but once arrived it was suddenly a rush of bridesmaids, babies and a dog getting in place to prepare the way for Chelsea to enter with her mum and Jack’s Dad
Chelsea could not contemplate getting married without her faithful pet Rolo being present.  Cue adorable pics during the ceremony.
Little Flo also made a special entrance in her truck pulled by the bridesmaids.  It was quite a procession!
Enjoyable ceremony with readings and lighting of candles in memory of Jack’s mm and Chelsea’s Dad,

Lots of laughter and typical Chelsea smiles throughout the service.  A day Chelsea had planned and re-planned, so she was going to make the most of every single minute.

It was great to have Moe and Amber along to Video the day too – they know Chelsea really well and we got on great, helping each other out with shots and film.
Check out their new website – video is now managed by Ambe, so Ambervideos is the new brand name.
They kept Flo entertained during the signing of the registers.
Soon they were walking out to happy congratulations and a confetti tunnel
Onwards to Slater Country Inn – but not before stopping at a drive-through Maccies!

Slaters Country Inn Wedding Reception

A warm welcome was given at Slater’s Country Inn, set in rural Staffordshire.
Formerly an 18th-century working farm, it hs been converted to a cosy wedding venue.  You can also marry here in the cute outdoor barn
There was time for mingling outside before the wedding breakfast and some portraits.

Chelsea is not your typical bride so we went with the flow of the day, capturing images as they happened.
Refreshingly Chelsea didn’t seem to mind that her dress was getting blacker by the minute, she was even rolling on the floor at one time.
Still, we managed to get some romantic as well as fun shots throughout the day and evening

Slater's Country Inn wedding

do you see the heart shape in the hedge ??


Slater's country Inn wedding reception

Special places reserved fort hose sadly not able to be with Chelsea and Jack – a lovely idea.

we popped out before dessert and speeches for a few more pics and again after speeches

Time after speeches and before evening for more relaxing and family pics

Soon it was time for the evening to start with the traditional cake cut and first dance to get things going.

Thank you, Chelsea and Jack, for capturing your day.  Thank you for being you, it was a mad but enjoyable day!
Wishing you much happiness and well wishes for the new arrival.  Much love Sandy & Dave xx

Intimate Liverpool Wedding: St Georges Hall

Intimate Liverpool Wedding: St Georges Hall

Intimate St Georges Hall Wedding
Ashleigh & Andy Married

Some of our couples opt for an Intimate Liverpool wedding.
Those who don’t want a big fuss or don’t like being the centre of attention.
We are happy to cover such weddings and offer bespoke special deals.

We met for an informal chat and right away felt at ease with each other.
Ashleigh and Andy told us what they wanted for their day and our guidance through the process and showing them images of their venue.
It really assured them of how their day would unfold.  Such an invaluable process to have a discussion with your photographers, even for short wedding coverage

Local Bride Preps

As a local couple to us, we arranged an hour’s coverage of bridal preps before heading to Liverpool for the city centre wedding.
Ashleigh and her two bridesmaids were well looked after by Carol Ellis Thompson doing hair.
It was such a calming and relaxed atmosphere, so enjoyable.
Ashleigh and Andy have a beautiful home and the clean contemporary backgrounds were ideal for showing off the details

Liverpool Ceremony St Georges Hall

Flags were flying high at St Georges Hall and red carpet out as Ashleigh swept up the external steps to enter.
The wedding was on a Monday afternoon and the only one that afternoon, so peaceful!
Saturday weddings here can be chaotic with so many function rooms available and numerous weddings taking place.

The Rose Room is available for very small weddings  – the couple and witnesses ideally.
The Sefton Room is most suited to small weddings and has beautiful window light.
The concert room is a grand setting for large weddings at St Georges Hall
The Grand Jury Room can seat up to 50 guests comfortably this is where Ashleigh & Andy opted for their ceremony.

Just a dozen or so guests and Ashleigh was walked in by Andy’s dad – a lovely touch.
A beautiful emotional ceremony ensued.
When it came to the I do’s, Andy replied with ” I do, I really, really do!”  Cue lump in throat moment as clicking the camera shutter!
So many beautiful moments between them, so adorable, so obviously in love.
Registers were signed and beaming smiles they swept down the stairs and out to confetti shots.

just married St Georges Hall Liverpool wedding

confetti exit St George's Hall Liverpol wedding

Portraits St Georges Hall Liverpool

Few family groups over and then time for some portraits with Ashleigh and Andy amongst the amazing colonnades architecture of this grand Liverpool building.
Such a relaxed time but it soon flew by and it was off to the taxi rank across the road to get them to their hotel reception.
Of course, took the chance to get some more candid shots in the city centre as they crossed over.

happy bride and groom exiting their intimate Liverpool wedding, St Georges Hall

Liverpool wedding St Georges Hall

intimate Liverpool wedding photography

intimate Liverpool wedding

Thank you, Ashleigh and Andy, for the privilege of meeting you and capturing your day as you wished for. You were a real delight and know we will keep in touch
Wishing you much more love and happiness in the years to come.  Dave & Sandy xx

Wirral Wedding Photographer: Sarah-Jane & Mark Married

Wirral Wedding Photographer: Sarah-Jane & Mark Married

 Wirral Wedding Photographer: Sarah-Jane & Mark

St Bridget’s and Sheldrakes Restaurant Wedding

Local Wirral Wedding Photographer specialists, Pixsmiths were delighted to cove this local wedding for Sarah-Jae and Mark.
As much as we love traveling we also enjoy local Wirral weddings.
The ceremony took place at our nearest church – St Bridget’s in West Kirby.
It’s literally less than a 5-minute walk for us, so really handy.
The reception celebrations took place later at Sheldrakes Restaurant – another popular venue for us.

Wirral Wedding Photography Preps

Sarah-Jane to have some bridal preps covered so we could capture the time spent getting ready with her bridesmaids and beloved son Theo.
Indeed Sarah-Jane had specified it was as much a day For Theo as well as for her and Mark.  He loved the camera too!
Lots of joy and merriment to capture with all the girls as they helped Sarah-JAne get ready.

Meanwhile, after a quick pint to steady the nerves, the guys headed to St Bridget’s in readiness for the ceremony.
being a sunny day it was sun shades on!

All ready to leave for the church. Aa the girls looking stunning.
Sarah-Jane had an amazing backless fishtail dress  – sparkly back strap was added for detail
and the bridesmaids in blush pink dresses sparkly bodice and chiffon skirts.

St Bridget's church West Kirby

Bridesmaids at local church to Wirral wedding photographers

Wedding Ceremony St Bridget’s West Kirby

Sarah-Jane arriving with her proud dad and of course Theo.
Bridesmaids were waiting to greet her and make final preparations

Bride arriving for Wirral Wedding

Proud dad leading his daughter into church to get wed. Love it when brides have the veil over when walking in.

St Bridget’s is a beautiful church and even though restricted to shooting from the back, a long lens can capture beautiful images.

Bride entrance St Bridget's West Kirby

Soon it was time to exit to hugs and kisses and delight from chief bridesmaid
After a confetti tunnel, it was time for some couple portraits in the nearby Ashton Park before heading to Sheldrakes

Wirral Wedding Photography: Sheldrakes Reception

A glorious sunny afternoon at Sheldrakes for the celebration.  The reception was in the downstairs restaurant for the large party.
Guests enjoyed the outdoor terrace for their drinks and canapes.
The day of the wedding was harvest moon and that became the inspiration to name them after different types of moons.
Make for perfect group photo from the upstairs terrace too.
Sarah-Jane had the inspired idea to throw her bouquet from here too and with two photographers we could capture all the action.
Also grabbed some beautiful portraits of Sarah-Jane on the way back down

The speeches – and there were a few!- were mostly enjoyed outside. Guests had to go inside for a viewing of the Bestman’s speech.  Hands down one of the best ever seen.
He left the room to hunt for his speech ..and then the tv film ran…absolutely brilliant and funny.  Months of work and calling in favours and it all paid off, everyone was enthralled.
Time then for a late wedding breakfast and some sunset pics before the evening celebrations started.

sunset at Sheldrakes Wirral Wedding Photographer

Evening Reception Sheldrakes Restaurant

Guests had enjoyed the long sunny day to the max and enjoyed the fabulous sunset which the Dee Estuary is renowned for.
Cake cutting and dancing ensued. Guests were still enjoying the outside space too and the hookah pipes seem to be popular.
The first time we had seen these at a wedding too.

We have photographed many weddings at Sheldrakes – its one of our favourite local venues.
Are you planning a wedding here, we loved to chat about your plans.
We love being there and look forward to being back in 2020

chat about your Sheldrakes Wedding


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