Baby Bump Shoot

Baby Bump Shoot

 Baby Bump Shoot

Hannah is now a yummy mummy and John a doting dad!  But literally just a few days before we cheered up Hannah and John with a little baby bump shoot.
The baby bum shoot took place on the prom in West Kirby and the nearby Victoria Park – a calm quiet oasis.
The preceding few days had been hot and sunny but this cooler weather was welcome to Hannah who had been struggling in the heat.
Here you can see she is blooming and so happy. , enjoying a peaceful hour before their lives change in a few days time as they become parents

Like many couples, Hannah and John have had to postpone their wedding til next year now (twice rearranged) so it was lovely to be able to offer this mini shoot for them.
Being in lockdown and a nurse there was little time to take time out until maternity leave and then coinciding with the lifting of some restrictions, enabling us to meet up outside
Now they have their beautiful daughter and we wish them every blessing and happiness and look forward to the family wedding next year

parent to be be West Kirby prom

baby bump shoot

baby bump shoot West Kirby prom

Many of our couples are having pre wed or family shoots on or around their original dates.
We see it as a way of doing something positive, something to mark the day by.
Its so good to be out shooting again and hopefully not too long before we can capture weddings again too
We know a few of our couples are having small weddings anyway later this year, so we have fingers and toes crossed!

Wirral Photography Family Shoot Ashton Park

Wirral Photography Family Shoot Ashton Park

Wirral Photography Family Shoot

Oh it’s so good to be out shooting Wirral Photography Family shoots again.  Didn’t want our gear to get rusty!
It was really good too to catch up with Kyle and Victoria – wow a good few years since we covered their winter wonderland Liverpool wedding
..and now they have a beautiful family of 3 with Fleur, Freddie and now baby Fern.

We spent a pleasant hour or so wandering around our local Ashton Park with this lovely family.
Capturing a few more formal groups, but most of all just enjoying some candid moments as they explored the sculptures,
the planet trail, and other features of the park,. Fleur loved the planet trail!

Later it was duck feeding, the throwing of leaves went a bit awry but blowing bubbles is always fun
Such a pleasant way to catch up and capture candid images.
A lovely way for Kyle to have some family time as his paternity leave came to an end.

Here just a few of their images to enjoy.

bridge over Wirral Way Aston Park

blowing bubble, Wirral family shoot Ashton Park, West Kirby

Wirral Photography family shoot

All our family and lifestyle sessions are undertaken with secure Covid-19 guidelines.  The safety of our clients and ourselves is an important consideration
Read more about how we safely shoot Wirral photography family shoots and other  lifestyle sessions on our family gallery page
Use our contact details there to get in touch to arrange your session.


Port Sunlight Family Shoot: Chas & Casey

Port Sunlight Family Shoot: Chas & Casey

Port Sunlight Family Shoot: Chas & Casey

We do feel for all our couples who were due to have a family shoot or pre-wedding shoot with us and have had to postpone for the moment
This time will pass and we can reschedule – we have various options, so please don’t worry, they will happen!

Port Sunlight Family Shoot

We were blessed to capture Casey and Chas along with their adorable girls – don’t you just love their bobble hats!
Their Wirral family shoot took place in Port Sunlight at the end of February this year.
It was a little chilly but a good excuse to cuddle up and keep each other warm and for the girls to run around.
The Dell area in Port Sunlight is always a popular choice, spoilt for choice for locations.
The early signs of Spring were around with crocuses and blossom coming out.
We dodged a few rain clouds and chatted over hot chocolate afterwards to warm up and catch up with wedding plans.

We are always happy if you have children for them to come along on a pre-wedding shoot – it’s a great way to get to know each other.
Get any shyness out of the way and to build a rapport with each other. Then we are all relaxed on the day at the beginning.
All our couples absolutely love this time, when they can escape the planning for a wu=hile and take time out to be with each other.
Plus they get some gorgeous precious family keepsakes.  Chas and  Casey, we know, are looking forward to getting some family images framed.

Hope you see from this short selection of images they will be spoilt for choice.
Enjoy guys and we really look forward to your wedding.  It may not be in May this year.
Whenever it is it will be an amazing special family day and we will be there for you. xx

Wirral family shoot Port Sunlight

The Bridge, Port Sunlight Wirral Family shoot

family fun wirral family shoot

family stroll The Dell Port Sunlight

At Pixsmiths you know we love to take a special engagement ring shot


Caldy Beach: Family Shoot Surprise

Caldy Beach: Family Shoot Surprise

Caldy Beach Family Shoot Surprise

A family shoot for Chelsea Jack and Flo  …with a little surprise

Pixsmiths had previously enjoyed a family shoot with Chelsea and Jack and baby Flo when she was just 6 weeks old.
That day it was too windy for the beach and a bit rainy, not ideal for a young baby, so Ashton Park was the location then.

Well, they loved their pics so much they decided to do another shoot when Flo was almost one and just a few weeks to their wedding  My, how she has grown!
Still a bit windy but we managed the beach this time. for this family/pre wed shoot

Caldy Beach Family Shoot

We prefer Caldy beach to the main beach at West Kirby.  It’s a little quieter and options of the hillside above and close access to the Wirral Way
So lots of photo options and variety.

The secret is out now can reveal more details about his shoot.
Well, Chelsea let me in on a secret so we planned that after a few shots on the beach that they would write a little message to each other ahead of their wedding.
A little love note. Well, Jack was a bit shy about this, caught him on the hop, but he was in for a bigger surprise……

Chelsea and Jack wrote their messages to each other on little chalkboards with their back to each other
They then walked towards each other and revealed their messages.  Jack first and then Chelsea
Sorry can’t repeat what he actually said but he was so happy!
We’ll let the pictures tell the story of this pregnancy reveal.

Caldy beach Family shoot


surprise family shoot, pregnancy reveal

caldy beach stroll

This was the first time we have done a pregnancy reveal shoot.  It was so much fun and a real privilege to share and capture such an amazing moment.
At the very beginning of 2019, we captured a surprise proposal.

If you have ideas for  a unique shoot or just want some beautiful pictures of yourselves or fur babies we’d be delighted to chat about your plans



Relaxed Family Shoot West Kirby

Relaxed Family Shoot West Kirby

Relaxed Family Shoot West Kirby

Pixsmiths were delighted when Chelsea contacted us to arrange a relaxed  family shoot with her partner Jack and six week old daughter Florence.
Always a privilege to shoot another photographer too! Chelsea had family in West Kirby so this was her chosen location.
Originally intended for the beach but being a tad windy and sand blowing everywhere the shoot was switched to Aston Park.  Its good to have options!

So a walk through the delightful Aston Park on an autumnal day with beautiful coloured tree backdrops to capture some gorgeous shots for this delightful family.
They had had some tough times recently so glad we could give them this happy experience.
It’s also our pleasure to donate this fee to the worthwhile charity Elsie’s Moon for pregnancies that don’t go to plan
Enjoy these few highlights guys.

family shoot Aston PArk

family shoot west kirby

Autumn is a great time for relaxed family shoots.  We loved to hear from you if you want a local family shoot.
please get in touch to arrange a session!


Couple Shoot: Claire & Simon

Couple Shoot: Claire & Simon

Couple Shoot: Claire & Simon Reunited

Pixsmiths don’t just do engagement shoots we also enjoy couple shoot . We just love shooting any couples in love whether engaged to be married or married already.
Indeed we have previously shot anniversary shoots as a celebration of love.

We were so happy to capture some gorgeous shots for Claire and Simon, happily married for several years now.  Claire is a fellow wedding supplier, a  lovely mobile hair dresser and super mum to Evie.
Simon’s work takes him away from work for long periods and its true when they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Claire and Simon can certainly testify to that!
Simon went of to sea just before Christmas and has only just recently returned.

Being an incurable romantic it was Valentine’s Day when the idea for this shoot came about.  Claire was naturally missing her man even more so on this day …
so light bulb moment and sent her a private message, explaining would love to do a shoot for them when Simon was back home…
but in the meantime they were to write down how much they were missing each other ..and bring these letters with them to read.
the momentum was buildign when Claire did a live facebook video as she waited (ages) for him at the airport.
Neither had seen each others letters before the shoot.  so the stage was set, a sunny afternoon in Royden Park last weekend.
Well it was truly heartwarming and an honour to capture such a personal moment.

this is what Claire had to say, “honestly I have to say it was so special ❤️ One of the most beautiful ways of showing our love for each other was made today .
Simon said, he felt quite emotional afterwards, “it was like saying our vows again”.  There were hugs and kisses and lots of laughter!

It truly gladdened our hearts to do this shoot, its really good to give back and see the sincere appreciation of such lovely deserving couples.
We all had beaming smiles. Thank you so much again Claire and Simon for allowing us to capture this special time with you.

couple shoot Royden Park

couple shoot, reading love letters

romantic moment couple shoot, reading letters to each other

Of course we sneaked a few shots with Evie too, she love to pose for the camera – she can often be seen modelling bridesmaids dresses on a wedding show catwalk too!

So couple shoots are not just a way to get to know a photographer but a chance to celebrate your love and enjoy something special and making memories.
we look forward to arranging a shoot for you.  Please get in touch