Late Saturday afternoon we went to do some photography at St Bridge’s Church and Ashton Park, looking for some spring flower shots – the blossom and daffodils will soon come to an  end.  We saw a crowd gathering and checking the church notice board realised there was a blessing taking place – unusually as most ceremonies are over by this time on a Saturday.  Turned out the couple – Ed and Viv – had recently been married in the Caribbean and were now having a blessing.  We didn’t see an official photographer around so we thought we’d take a shot upon which the bride said could we wait and take another – so we happily obliged.  Ed and Viv had arranged for a photographer to arrive later on to take some pics after the service but realised they would like one arriving with the car.   We took a few more pics and later on spoke to the photographer after the service and explained the situation  – he was fine with it, he was  commissioned to take about 10 shots of the groups, and of course we didn’t interfere with his set ups. Here’s some shots taken that afterenoon.  Ed and Viv hope you are doubly blessed with all the photographs!


cherry blossom




Ed and Viv


watchful bridesmaid

confetti shot