Now you might think that this blog title refers to sneak peeks at some of Biya and Ifan’s images from their beautiful wedding day at Thornton Hall.

Actually its OUR sneak peeks at them as they saw each other on their wedding in their gorgeous wedding outfits, before the ceremony.

Their wedding day schedule was different from the traditional British one where groom is awaiting his bride at the altar and they had already requested to have their portraits before their two ceremonies which led straight in to their reception – but we’ll save that for another time.

So this fun couple were happy to try something a bit different and do this “First Look” and then do a few portraits Biya was beautifully made up by her skilful specialist Asian MUA and bedecked in beautiful jewels to accompany her stunning bridal dress. Her room was on the ground floor at Thornton Hall and so was easy to open the patio doors , leading onto the grounds and walk along the path towards Irfan, put her hand over his eyes and turn him around so they could admire each other – a special moment just between the two of them…well and of course us but we were just standing back and capturing the reaction with some long lenses unobtrusively.

Its quite popular in America to do this type of shoot but becoming more popular in the UK now and could be a good idea if you have tight time schedules between end of service and sitting down for the wedding breakfast. Would you dare to do this??
Biya and Irfan both said they felt more relaxed going into the ceremony having those those moments together first.

So let us share a few of their first looks …hope you enjoy!



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