Church Farm Thurstaston Gender Reveal Shoot

church Farm Thurstaaston lavender portrait shoot
So happy to be able to capture this gorgeous gender reveal shoot at Church Farm Thurstaston for Phillippa and Phil recently.
Church Farm Thurstaston was the setting for Phillippa and Phil’s wedding – their 6th year anniversary was the next day and also marking 17 years together.
So the perfect time to capture the gender-reveal for these parents to be, for a social media announcement to coincide with their anniversaries.

It was such a hot bright day but thankfully a bit of a breeze on the farm. The lilac was out and provided a perfect frame for some of these shots
Loved how Phillippa wor a pink and blue flower print summery dress – no clues there.
Not even a clue in the neutral coloured booties
In fact, they did not know themselves yet, having purchased a big balloon when they had their baby scan.
It was collected that day and during the shoot, they burst the gender-reveal balloon to reveal the blue or pink confetti.
Which was it ?…..We will let the pictures tell the story ….

gender reveal shoot by wirral photographers

Even the donkeys sensed something was growing inside

Church Farm has wonderful views over the Dee EStuary.

Gender Reveal Time Church Farm Thurstaston

Ok, time, at last, to find out whether boy or girl….Phil stuck the pin in the big balloon.
Bang, shreds of balloon whipped away and they were showered with confetti – soon carried away by the breeze!

gender reveal balloon, Wirral lifestyle shoot

gender reveal shoot Church Farm Thurstaston

Took just a few seconds for the reality to dawn …blue confetti!   Its a boy!
Big hugs and smiles all round
Phillippa and Phil are now planning travel adventures to include a baby backpack!

Many congratulations and thank you for asking us to share this fabulous moment with you.
it was so much fun and you and going to be such amazing parents.   love Dave & Sandy xx


Our thanks to Church Farm for giving permission to use the outdoor venue, as currently closed to the public due to COVID-19
It enables Social distancing to be observed and everyone was safe.
Pixsmiths shoot with long lenses and no guidelines were broken
Our government has encouraged self-employed small businesses to get back to work where it is safe to do so and we were!