Parisian Themed Wedding at the Grove Hotel

An enagement in Paris set the theme for this deightful wedding of Jason and Abie at the Grove House Hotel in New Brighton, a firm favourite for Wirral weddings.

Lots of handcrafted touches graced this wedding day – Abie had painstakingly painted all the beautiful pebbles with their names and dates and of coursae an Eiffel tower .
The school children singing for them following their outdoor ceremony was a wonderul treat….but more was to follow…..
…at the conclusion of the wedding breakfast a special car returned to the venue (its trailer was parked there)…none other than the 1960’s Batmobile! Holy Smoke!
Well the bride and Groom and all the bridesamids couldn’t resist a sit and ┬áplay in the car, such fun!

The evening was spent at the Wallasey Sailing club – second home almost for Jason and Abie so fitting to join their friends there for the night do for a great party atmosphere.

Thank you Abie and Jason for allowing us to capture your day, it was such fun and we wish you every happiness, much love Sandy and Dave x


052_Grove House_MacDunne

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