Bluebells and  Yellow for a Spring Hoylake Wedding

A beautiful spring day for this Hoylake wedding of John and Sarah
Bluebells in season  added to the yellow colour scheme of this long awaited day – John and Sarah have been together some sixteen years now
Beautiful elegant yellow ribbon and spring flower stationery by Ling of Dragonfly Couture Stationery set the theme of the day

We captured the men just across the road in the Green Lodge enjoying a pre ceremony refreshments in the glorious sunshine
We did have to encourage the guests to cross the road for the service before Sarah arrived.!

Sarah so elegant arriving in her brigs yellow fiat – how cute is that!
Her ivory lace Phase Eight wedding dress, with beautiful lace detail, perfectly fitted for her oh so slim figure …Pippa Middleton has a new rival!

The service at St Hildeburgh church was beautiful and heart warming. Our first time in this church but funnily enough we will be back for another Hoylake wedding in a few weeks time.

Love it when couples take time to pick meaningful hymns for a church service

Hoylake wedding photography St Hildeburgh's

The last hymn especially touched us with these words from the hymn We pledge to one another the tune of We Vow to thee our Country

We pledge to one another,
before the Lord above,
entire and whole and perfect,
this union of our love —
a love that will be patient,
a love that will be wise,
that will not twist with envy,
nor lose itself in lies;
a love that will not falter,
a love to hold us fast,
and bind us to each other
as long as life shall last.

We pray that God will guide us
through all the years to be,
our lives be shaped by courage,
hope and serenity.
Through joy and celebration,
through loneliness and pain,
may loyalty, compassion
and tenderness remain,
that those who share the blessing
of love that cannot cease
may walk the paths of gentleness
into the place of peace.

Time for some candid shots and a few formals before John and Sarah made their way to their Hoylake wedding reception in the little yellow fiat
The church has a little woodland walk and the seasonal bluebells made for a perfect portrait of our happy couple.

For the reception we headed over to the nearby Royal Liverpool Golf Club, home to the Open in 2014.
Its rare to have weddings here as reserved exclusively for members.  John has been a member for seven years now.
There is a pathway from the back of the church if guests wished to make the walk but many opted to use the minibus service provided.

We mingled with he guests as they enjoyed their drinks and canapes, took a few more portraits
Captured the room details and our happy couple  with the cake
We let them welcome their guests in to enjoy their meal  and said our goodbyes wishes

entering reception Hoylake wedding Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Thank you John and Sarah that we could share and capture some special memories for you.
We look forward to designing your album .but for now hope you have enjoyed  these few highlight of your Spring Hoylake wedding