Most Memorable Wedding Moments 

Every bride envisions a perfect wedding day. They hope that every moment will give them memories they’ll live to cherish.
However, there are moments of the wedding day that are considered the most memorable.

For one bride, the most memorable moment might be walking down the aisle to meet her groom. For another, it might be the moment they share their first kiss as husband and wife.
Here are some of the recorded moments that some brides termed as the most memorable in the history of time. 


1. The Grand Entrance

All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle to meet your groom. Your wedding dress and make up will make a statement.
Choose your wedding dress carefully if you intend to make a lasting impression.
Each of the strides you take towards the altar matters. It’s up to you to set a tone that will forever linger in your mind and that of your guests.
Most importantly, choose unique lighting and tone it with fantastic music.

Avoid being nervous as this may spoil the moment. The best you can do is focus on what’s ahead.
At this moment, the only people that matter in the world are you and your soon-to-be-husband. 

2. The Vow Exchange

This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for, and it carries the weight of the whole ceremony.
Your heart, mind, and soul must all cooperate to give this moment all the attention it deserves.
Your officiant plays a significant role in setting the mood for this moment.

The officiant can be a religious leader, a special family member, or a government official.
What matters most is that they understand your needs and feelings as a couple.
How they conduct the ceremony should relay your love as a couple to the guests on this big day. 

Besides, you want someone articulate, entertaining, and outgoing. They also shouldn’t rush you through the process as though it doesn’t matter.
Their attributes will help capture or scatter the attention of the guests. 

For a more personal touch, write your own vows. 

3. The Food

What you serve your guests will either make or break the deal. Nothing lingers in the minds of wedding guests like the reception session.
If you want them to remember your wedding as a blast, spend a little more on the food and drinks.
Also, make sure that wedding accessories are in tone with the type of food.
If you are keen on something special, think about
personalised wooden barrel where you can serve the best bourbon for your guests!

However, the food won’t be memorable for you if you don’t have the time to enjoy it. This is a common occurrence, as many activities are demanding the attention of the couple.
As a tip, have your service provider save up some food for you to enjoy later when more settled.

4. Entertainment

Your guests want to have fun at your wedding, and there’s no better way to do this than to provide them with great music.
This is another area that you’ll need to spend good money. Hire professional wedding entertainers who can very well read the mood of the crowd. 

They’ll come in handy in ensuring the crowd gets the very best of what they want.
A good DJ will have a good selection of music that’ll get the guests out of their seats. 

The favors also mean a lot to your guests. Have them packaged in a way that will show the guests how grateful you are that they came.
Give them shoddy favors, and they’ll forget about the wedding as soon as it’s over.

5. The Photo Session


This is the session that captures all the little details of the wedding day and puts them together.
It has a way of reminding you just how much fun you had on your big day. The secret is to choose a venue that has some attachment to you.

You want scenery that exhumes tranquillity and the purity of this day.
The backdrop of your photos will have so much to remind you about your wedding day years later.

If you have concerns about  your portrait session –book an engagement session with Pixsmiths so you are more relaxed on the day

Take Away

Every bride wants her wedding to be the most outstanding and the most memorable.
Achieving this is not always an easy task. A lot of planning must go into it to bring out the essential details.

Some of the most memorable moments include the entrance to the ceremony.
All eyes are usually on the bride and as such, choose your outfit carefully.
The food and entertainment are other remarkable moments for the guests.

If it feels like too much work trying to pull off a memorable wedding, work with professional wedding planners.
They know exactly what to do to make your wedding unique and unforgettable. 

Any questions about your day or to book  a consultation please get in touch be only too happy to chat about your day