Pixsmiths are a caring sharing business and we recognise that our couples are some of our biggest cheer leaders! We also know that clients love their on-line gallery for viewing their images – whether on laptop or mobile device but reckon we need to share more of the benefits of the galleries to you. At the same time we want to reward our clients  for their referrals and orders – giving back and sharing the love makes the world a happier place!


We use a premium gallery service that is not limited to us for a period of time…it has so many useful features which is why we invest in it for the benefit of our clients.

Its in the cloud – your images are secured so  if our hard drives fail at home we can download the files for back up – essential security.

Our clients can have access to download files too -just let us know

You can select your  must have favourites and send a list of those to us  for your album design.

We can group your galleries in one handy collection for you – pre-wed, wedding, album spreads all in one handy collection for you.

We can add music to your gallery slideshow make it more personal and enjoyable for you.

We can create a unique name for your gallery access URL – makes it more memorable for you.

Your gallery can be passworded as a whole or individual pictures can be password protected if they are sensitive – eg. children shots you don’t want shared or those guests wearing kilts doing mad things!
Obviously you will need to let your friends and family know the password.

We can embed slideshows for sharing on social media

You can leave comments on indivual images or notes for album spread revsions and makes guest book entries

Shopping cart facility- friends and family can order prints or digital downloads and have them delivered direct to their door or laptop/device…
and now here’s the good bit!  YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS with our new reward scheme 🙂

Here’s the nuts and bolts of how it works

For every print purchased from your client gallery you wlll earn £1 credit
For every digital file purchased from your gallery you will earn £1.50 credit
Additionally for every couple you personally refer to Pixsmiths Creative Photography that completes a wedding booking we will credit you with £25

You can use these credits to purchase albums if not already done so, album upgrades, parent copies/extra spreads or towards  wall art – any product we can provide for you.
Credits are to be used within 1 calendar year of your wedding.

So share your galleries and start earning credits!!

If you have any questions about this or want to sign up for the reward scheme simply email us: [email protected]