We love our pre-wed sessions they are such a great way to get some beautiful couple shots and to help couples with a few tips for  being photographed. Its really a fun ice-breaker before the big day.
Here we have Rachael and Ryan having a stroll around West Kirby. We started along the promenade, walked through Victoria park and then up to Ashton Park. We even managed to get a quick shot with the flags out for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

So relaxed and at ease with other we had a lovely time walking and talking, checking over the plans. Its now just a few months to go before their wedding at the Holiday Inn in Ellesmere Port. Really looking forward to it, will be so much fun with this lovely couple, so obviously devoted to one another.  It will be a joy to capture their wedding.  Just a taster of the images they will receive along with their wedding images. in due time.