Surprise Mere Brook House Wedding

Surprise Mere Brook House Wedding

Surprise Mere Brook House Wedding

 50th Birthday Party & Wedding

We just love surprises, so when Lyn and David told us about their plans for a surprise Mere Brook House Wedding, we squealed with delight!
Lyn was planning a big birthday and decided, less fuss than a traditional wedding, this would be the perfect way to have their wedding.
– Springing it as a surprise on their family and guests invited to the birthday bash.
we first met Lyn and David at the Mere Brook House Burns Night Event.
Chatting to them afterwards they took our details to book a meeting with us regarding their secret wedding just into the New Year

Secret Wedding

New Year arrived friends and family were gathered in the beautiful Cottage at Mere Brook House.
The ceremony room has been closed off to prying eyes and also because drinks are not allowed in there before a ceremony
Packed with people drinking, enjoying delicious canapes and chatting before the birthday meal, little did they know what was ahead!
They had been asked to arrive promptly for a black tie event.

It was a challenge for staff to keep the secret during the planning stages – just Lyn’s daughters were in the know.
Not even her best friend and Dad knew.  Lyn had mentioned she wanted to be married before her 50th  which was this night.
The actual birth time was around 9.30 pm and they were to be married at 6.30pm – this being the latest time a registrar will attend for the ceremony.
Just in time!


The Reveal!

So after a time of mingling and celebrating Lyn and David made a few thank you’s and toasts on the stairs in the cottage.
David showed a flight menu from a recent  trip to Vegas  and written on it “She Said Yes”
Ooh had they secretly married in Vegas??   ..but no they wanted their friends and family around so….
lets go across to the main room and were getting married now.

Well, the look and of surprise and joy on their faces was a picture!
What a great way to announce a wedding!

So guests made their way over the other room for the short ceremony – standing room only as so many, plus to make it as relaxed and untraditional as possible.
Meanwhile, Lyn and David went to freshen up in their room and for Lyn to change into her sparkly shimmery wedding dress and David to change his bow tie to a red tie.

The decorations were still up at Mere Brook so time for a quick pic by the Christmas tree just beforehand.
They walked in together to their awaiting guests, a kiss for Lyn’s dad on the way was a lovely touch.
The joy on everyone’s faces was so special to see and capture.

surprise weddign Mere Brook House

that just married feeling! mere Brook House

Short formalities over and it was time to greet their guests, cue lots of giggles and hugs over the surprise Mere Brook House wedding
Then on to party time.  No wedding cake …but of course a beautiful birthday cake, ooh those macaroons looked so tasty!
Food was served in Mere Brook style in the kitchen …seconds always allowed for the tasty home-cooked food.

The flower wall by Pop up Petals made a lovely backdrop for a few informal groups.  Relaxed was the order of the event.  Just how we like thins to be.
Another surprise was Gorge Michael – a great tribute act by Randall Butler …check him out on Youtube.  Absolutely fantastic and sounded just like the real one.
He had the floor dancing and interacting made for great entertainment. Such good fun.

Randall Butler Georg Michael tribute Act at Mere Brook House

night time shot Mere Brook House

Thank you once again to the team at Mere Brook House for being wonderful hosts – see you soon!
Thank you Lyn and David, we were privileged to be in on the surprise and so enjoyed the evening with you.
It was a fantastic start to our 20202 wedding season.
Hope you enjoy your blog post!  Much love Dave and Sandy xx