Wirral Wedding Photography: Hannah and Adam

Wirral Wedding Photography: Hannah and Adam

Highfield Church and  St Anne’s Reception: Hannah and Adam

Hannah and Adam kept their Wirral Wedding local and handy for their Church Ceremony at Highfield Church Rock Ferry.
We started the day at Deborah Alfa hair and beauty salon in Brimstage for the pampering of the girls.  A lovely spacious salon and very attentive staff.
A short ride from their home so what better way for Hannah to arrive than by horse and carriage courtesy of Ashcroft Carriages. so happy it was a glorious sunny day for them.
Hannah looked fabulous in her bridal gown as she entered, closely followed by several cute flower girls and bridesmaids and what has to be the cutest ever page boy in tails!
An unusual church in that there is no central aisle but twoside ones, so processional down one and recessional the other one!
Groups soon accomplished at the church Bride and Groom now husband and wife took the carriage to nearby Port  Sunlight for their wedding images.
Reception followed at St Anne’s, loved the fairy lights set up and such a spacious room.  Staff were lovely,looking after everyone, including us, so well.
Just loved Hannah’s beaming smile.  Lots of action on the dance floor in teh evening, a wonderful day had by all.
Happy memories Hannah and Adam , wishing you many more years of happy times.  Enjoy your highlights of your day. Sandy and Dave xx

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Ascroft cariages port Sunlight

St Ann'es Social Club wedding

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St Anne's Social Club

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