Kings Gap by Wildes Covid Intimate Wedding

Kings Gap by Wildes Covid Intimate Wedding

 Intimate Hoylake Wedding Kings Gap by Wildes
Afternoon tea and Magic

A sunny day in Hoylake and for the third time of trying Jand and Mike finally tied the knot for their intimate wedding at Kings Gap by Wildes.
It may not have been Cyprus but the weather was probably just as sunny!

Gaynor the co-ordinator at Kings Gap by Wildes pulled out all the stops to help make this day special for this couple.
Excellent local suppliers created a memorable day.  we were asked to capture some images for the venue and suppliers for this intimate Kings gap by Wildes wedding.
It was lovely to capture some documentary-style shots.  No group shots just natural candid images. Afternoon tea and magic was winning combination!.

The venue was dressed in a simple but elegantly rustic style by Nicky of  Elegant Event Designs using hessian table runners.
Ivory Pomanders on elegant tall, gold waisted stands surrounded by candles, vases, foliage and gypsophila complemented the look
The en trend Crossback Chairs and rustic tables were courtesy of Wirral Table and Chairs.
The chairs looked gorgeous with white chiffon vertical drapes and a single stem of eucalyptus to tone in with the tables.


ceremony set up by Elegant event designs for small wedding at Kings Gap by Wildes

the waiting groom at Kings Gap by Wildes wedding

Kings Gap Wedding Ceremony

Jane entered the ceremony to her waiting groom.  Ok guests currently have to wear masks and for this wedding limited to a max of 30 people but it doesn’t stop the joy of the occasion.
Jane wore a gorgeous cool lace dress with an embellished beaded bodice – lots of hours spent on that!
Jane also made her own bouquet – so obviously very creative.

Wedding Reception Afternoon Tea & Magic

Wedding over and it was time to socially mingle and enjoy the entertainment provided by the Stan (aka Gary Stanley Slade and Ollie (Robbis Graham)
These Laurel and Hardy lookalikes  – with their close up magic and jokes – went down a treat.  They greeted the guests and performed card tricks and bending of cutlery etc in a mesmerizing way.
Just check out the looks of perplexment on the faces!

Guests were called into the reception room in their social bubble groups to have their drinks orders dealt with and then tucked into their afternoon tea
The macaroons especially looked delicious!


Kings Gap by Wildes weddign reception set up

elegant decor by elegant event designs and Wirral table and Chair hire

wedding afternoon tea King Gap by Wildes


mmm macaroons at Kings Gap by Wildes


As we know from Monday 28th September wedding are restricted to just 15 guests (registrars and suppliers excluded from this number)
However, you can still have a beautiful ceremony and afternoon reception and even a first dance if you wish.

At Pixsmiths we have been enjoying these cere-minis as we like to call them now!
So meaningful and full of joy.  We would encourage you to go ahead with your ceremony and by all means, have a large party when able.
For now though, for those who don’t want to wait, have your ceremony and help out the wedding industry
The staff at Kings Gap by Wildes are only too happy to help plan your intimate ceremony and as local Wirral Wedding Photographers
wearer only too happy to provide your wedding photography.
Don’t hesitate to contact us


Marco’s New York Italian Hoylake Wedding: Laura and Andy

Marco’s New York Italian Hoylake Wedding: Laura and Andy

 Cornish Themed Wedding of Laura and Andy at Marco’s Hoylake

..of course there were ducks at this Marco’s New York Italian Wedding (venue now known as Kings GAp by Wildes)
….but let’s rewind to several years ago when Laura and Andy were toddlers…
Laura and Andy have kindly guest written this blog for us…thank you, its refreshing to have a personal touch.

Andy: My aunt is Laura’s god mother so as toddlers we mixed at various birthday parties and it was decided in the late 80s that we (my Mum, Dad sister and I, Laura’s Mum, Dad brother and her and my aunt uncle (my mums sister / brother in law and Laura’s mum n dads friends) and cousin) would all holiday in Cornwall. I think we did this two consecutive years and then things slowly drifted apart however myself and my family have always had holidays in Cornwall since. It wasn’t until late 2012 early 2013 my parents reconnected with Laura’s mum and dad and then through the joys of Facebook I got talking to Laura again. The rest on that score is history as they say lol (we have had two Cornwall holidays in 2 and a half years though haha).

We got engaged in Bruges next to lovers lake in December 2014 and the parents gate crashed that one as well but it worked out nicely.
As for wedding we had planned I don’t think we really knew, all we knew is we didn’t want a church so we had a look around and Holiday Inn, Marco’s New York Italain Hoylake ticked the boxes. As for suppliers majority of flowers came from the excellent Cornish sells everything shop that is Trago Mills and where customised by my mum. Laura’s dress was from wed2be. Bridesmaids dresses from bridal secrets and butterflies in Ellesmere Port, table centres made by my mum (recurring trend that isn’t Cornwall haha) the ducks however did come from Cornwall, we had seen them on holiday last year and my sister sneakily picked some up. Hair and make up Sue Hhazlehurst shimmer shine and Claire kendrick and obviously the worlds best photographers.

So this lovely couple really had known each other since toddlers and holidayed together, not a straight path to this day, but from their obvious joy and happiness you can see they were meant to be!  It was a special day with their families.  There were giggles in the ceremony as Laura was pre-empting the vows, the childhood stories, popping up in the speeches, with pictures of course, a trip to the beach  at Red Rocks – thank you for braving the wind guys.  We got some golden light shots before the evening started and Andy was captured air guitaring during the dancing.
A personal and memorable day for Laura and Andy’s wedding at Marco’s New York Itailan. We are so happy this lovely appreciative couple had a fantastic day and we will continue to follow their story as we keep in touch xxE  njoy your honeymoon guys – so fitting that  a aport of call will be Bruges.

We asked their favourite moments: “All of it? Haha different bits for different reasons. Laura says walking down the aisle but can’t choose, Red Rocks was an excellent escape for 20 minutes. Seeing people we hadn’t seen in a while and the laughs had. I suppose my favourite moment was when I could call the girl of my dreams my wife ”  (brownie points Andy!)

Having an “escape” on a wedding day is a great idea just to be with each other, so much time can be spent with family members and friends and general busyness of the day which goes at lightning speed., so having that time just to connect with each is so important and something we always try to factor in on  a wedding day.


Marco's New York Italian Hoylake weddign ceremony now Kings Gap by Wildes









Marco's new York Italia, Hoylake reception



Just a few pic highlights above ..but please enjoy this little slideshow video of the day

If youa re planning your day at Marco’s New York Italian Hoylake and are lookign for a photographer, do drop us a message.
Its so local to us e may have special deals for you.
Updated – this venue is now renamed as Kings GAp by Wildes.
This is a hark back to its old name – before Holiday Inn was built and one of our very first weddings was at the Kings Gap Hotel