Couple Shoot: Claire & Simon

Couple Shoot: Claire & Simon

Couple Shoot: Claire & Simon Reunited

Pixsmiths don’t just do engagement shoots we also enjoy couple shoot . We just love shooting any couples in love whether engaged to be married or married already.
Indeed we have previously shot anniversary shoots as a celebration of love.

We were so happy to capture some gorgeous shots for Claire and Simon, happily married for several years now.  Claire is a fellow wedding supplier, a  lovely mobile hair dresser and super mum to Evie.
Simon’s work takes him away from work for long periods and its true when they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Claire and Simon can certainly testify to that!
Simon went of to sea just before Christmas and has only just recently returned.

Being an incurable romantic it was Valentine’s Day when the idea for this shoot came about.  Claire was naturally missing her man even more so on this day …
so light bulb moment and sent her a private message, explaining would love to do a shoot for them when Simon was back home…
but in the meantime they were to write down how much they were missing each other ..and bring these letters with them to read.
the momentum was buildign when Claire did a live facebook video as she waited (ages) for him at the airport.
Neither had seen each others letters before the shoot.  so the stage was set, a sunny afternoon in Royden Park last weekend.
Well it was truly heartwarming and an honour to capture such a personal moment.

this is what Claire had to say, “honestly I have to say it was so special ❤️ One of the most beautiful ways of showing our love for each other was made today .
Simon said, he felt quite emotional afterwards, “it was like saying our vows again”.  There were hugs and kisses and lots of laughter!

It truly gladdened our hearts to do this shoot, its really good to give back and see the sincere appreciation of such lovely deserving couples.
We all had beaming smiles. Thank you so much again Claire and Simon for allowing us to capture this special time with you.

couple shoot Royden Park

couple shoot, reading love letters

romantic moment couple shoot, reading letters to each other

Of course we sneaked a few shots with Evie too, she love to pose for the camera – she can often be seen modelling bridesmaids dresses on a wedding show catwalk too!

So couple shoots are not just a way to get to know a photographer but a chance to celebrate your love and enjoy something special and making memories.
we look forward to arranging a shoot for you.  Please get in touch