Pixsmiths USB Packaging for 2013

Pixsmiths USB Packaging for 2013


Wirral Wedding Photographers, Pixsmiths Creative Photography are  always looking to keep up to date with products for our lovely clients

With our new logo sorted we could proceed to the next phase – using it to brand on pretty new products to deliver your wedding images.

btw..you can read this blog post for how we sourced our logo

….so here’s something we’ve been keeping under wraps for a while until it was all finalised  and Dave could take a trip out with the camer a for a little shoot to launch them.

From 2013 your digital images will be provided on a 8Gb a Pixsmiths USB drive so its much more portable for you.  We realised many people now use netbooks or new MAC books which don’t have a disk drive as standard.

Your images can be stored and viewed on-line in your custom gallery and digitally downloaded if you wish but we reckon these new USB’s will be more in keeping with the times.

We still recommend you back up your images for yourself  too for safe keeping.

We carefully researched exactly what we wanted and sourced 2 companies that matched our criteria.

So here they are new- customised Pixsmiths  USB  drives and our pretty purple branded boxes  We think they look elegant and professional but we’d love to hear your thoughts so please tell us what you think about them  in the comments below:-)





Logo Design by NLR Creative Designs

USB’s by usbB2u

Purple Boxes from Tiny Box Company