Real Wirral Wedding Stories

Real Wirral Wedding Stories

Real Wirral Wedding Stories

real weddings – real moments

At Pixsmiths nothing gives us more joy than capturing your real Wirral wedding stories. Real story moments, unique to your day.
Getting to know you in the run-up to the wedding makes, we learn what is important to you and your day.
Those moments that hold so much meaning to you.  It gives us such a buzz to capture these snapshots stories and know its creating memories so pertinent.
Memories you will look on in years to come and instantly be taken back to that moment and know how you felt and the circumstances around that moment.

There is a favorite band I love to listen to when editing, but one day I listed to singer explain how the lyrics had come about,
It brought a whole new meaning to those songs and the stories behind the writing of them.  Gave them new purpose.

This is why Pixsmiths love to be storytellers of your wedding. Hope you enjoy just a few  moments captured from real Wirral weddings and the stories will give fresh meaning to them.

1. A Local Wirral Wedding Story

The bench on West Kirby promenade where Ruth and Simon met walking their dogs.
A perfect momentary pause after their wedding day ceremony before going onto their Sheldrakes reception.
A perfect moment with the sun rays bursting through the clouds just at that very moment.
A moment just for them, one that simply cannot be re-created.   Truly a unique moment of a Wirral wedding story.

2. A Tale of Two Dads

Some brides are blessed with two dads in their lives.  Both of them united for Jemma on her big day.  This was such a moment when both dads were walking Jemma down the aisle.
That moment when they both helped to arrange her amazing dress before walking down the aisle was truly special to witness and capture. Natural reportage wedding photography.

3. A Touching Moment

This is a Wirral wedding story from Rachel and Ben’s twilight wedding at Leasowe  Castle. A dad walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle is always a treasured moment.
Rachels’s dad went one step further and stretched out his wife to briefly hold hands with her, including her in a most important moment. Brought a lump to my throat I must admit but more importantly the joy on Mum’s face to be included in such a family moment.

real Wirral wedding story Leasowe castle wedding

touching moment from a real Wirral wedding story

4. Eyes Only For You

Another walking down the aisle Wirral wedding story moment with special meaning.  This time Brian and Natalie at the altar before their Thornton Manor wedding reception
Natalie has an eye condition and in the months before the wedding, several eye operations had been undertaken, meaning eyesight was far from perfect.
Now, most grooms want to turn and watch their bride as they may their entrance and walk towards them.
Brian such a considerate groom chose to wait till his bride was alongside so she could see the joy in his face.
I’m sure you can see from this picture, the reaction was perfect.

5. Remembering

Unfortunately, not all brides still have their dads but there are many ways of having loved ones included in your day.
Emma had memory brooches on her bouquet and this poignant, reflective moment just before the ceremony is one that means so much to her.
Having that time to pause, remembering her Dad – brides make time for moments like this in your day.
Her Uncle met her at the top of the aisle to make the last few steps to Kevin.  Again a moment with so much meaning for Emma.
Her Uncle, in poor health himself, wanted to be standing as he waited for his niece to make those important steps during this outdoor Inglewood Manor wedding.

6. Jump for Joy

Who can forget that moment when Jon jumped for joy at St Nicholas Church Wallasey!  Still one of our all-time favorite pics taken at a Wirral wedding
There is a whole jump sequence too which you can see here.  Rachael, such an expressive bride!  check out how much she enjoyed her day.

real jump capture fro real Wirral wedding stories

Indeed Rachael has another favourite moment at her wedding.  Rev Jeff Staples is known to sing a tune or two whilst playing his guitar.
He pulled out his guitar during the service and gave a special rendition of Hallelujah with had our couple laughing and crying with joy.
Rachael had no idea this song had been planned and was overcome, so happy this moment was captured.



7. Bride and Groom Portrait

This might seem a simple enough beautiful wedding day bride and groom portrait and indeed it is.
The extra meaning is Mark said how meaningful it would be to include them in a picture with these roses where they had recently scattered the ashes of a loved relative.
We were happy to oblige of course.

8. Celebration

Who doesn’t love a good party! Weddings are all about celebration and having the best time with your guests.  Well, this wedding reception went down a storm.
With wedding singer Wayne Farrow orchestrating the fun its always going to be such fun – its a hard job keeping up with him, such is his energy, so glad this was videoed too.
This picture just tells the story better than a thousand words how much everyone was enjoying the reception….especially the bride MJ!

real wirral wedding stories fun entertainment at reception with Wayne Farrow

9. Tears of Joy

Oh this is a Wirral wedding story from a wedding some 7 years ago now but it still brings back memories.
When your groom plays in a band, and naturally they want to play a set for the wedding evening party entertainment
They come to end of the set  …and then just one last encore clamoured for.
Its a song specially written for his bride – one she thought he had forgotten all about when he mentioned it some 6 months previously.
You can see how much it meant to her.  Looking back on these pics will those memories alive. and that is what brings us joy in our wedding photography journey.

tears of joy real Wirral wedding stories

10. A Sunset Moment

A perfect moment to end on is with this sunset shot or this family.  Always enjoy getting couple shots at sunset when we can.
This coastal path section is just behind the couple’s home where they had their home Wirral marquee wedding reception.
It’s somewhere they love to walk as a family, so naturally, a perfect place for a breather before the evening party started.
I recall saying, just ignore us, just enjoy this sunset on your wedding day together, then their dog just wandered into the picture, creating a perfect family shot.
Added to this, their little girl said something like, I don’t think I’ve ever watched the sunset with you both before, well cue lump in the throat!

wirral wedding sunset moment

joyous sunset wirral wedding stories


So make memories, hold fast to them, have an amazing photographer capture them for you so you can treasure forever.
If you have a real Wirral wedding story you would love to be captured let us know.  Tell us the stories behind the images we have captured