Memorable Moments of 2016

Memorable Moments of 2016

Reminiscing – Review of 2016


Ah what a wonderful year 2016 was, one of our busiest so far.  So time for Pixsmiths review of 2016

We’ve laughed at all the funny moments and heart leapt at all the special looks our wonderful couples give each other.
We’ve cried when we  know brides have lost special family members just months later…and humbled that we have given memories for them to hold onto in the dark days after
and the joy that they will recall from them.  We started with a Valentines day weddign and ended with fireworks in December – a packed year!

From parks to palazzos, hotels to zoos, from beaches to rustic barns its been a year of discovering new places and challenges for old favourites.
We’ve been there from early on in the preps to party time at night with fireworks late into the night

Most of all we want to thank all our amazing couples for choosing us to capture their da, without you we simply couldn’t do this!
Also to all the wonderful suppliers we meet along the way and who support us on the day>

We look forward to meeting all our 2017 couples and new adventures we will have throughout this year
For now just a teeny look back at some moments from 2016 – enjoy the review of 2016review of 2106