Domain Name – Pixsmiths

Domain Name – Pixsmiths

_DSC5820With the launch of our new fully professional self hosted  Wirral wedding  photography website  we have been through the process of re-branding with a new domain name. Formerly known as Mr and Mrs Smith Digital Photography – well that was a bit of a mouthful and it was just as that well known film came out with the husband and wife assassins  – well we didn’t want any confusion!

Its taken a few days deciding on a name – an important decision. Had to be something quirky and memorable – not easy with a popular name like Smith!  I mean The Smiths are a well known pop group and Mr and Mrs Smith are branded Hotel Inspectors – so those options were out.

After much searching and being disappointed with many favourite options already taken we next decided on picsmiths but then soon changed to the more modern spelling of PIXSMITHS. Its a sort of play on words, pix for pixels and also the modern spelling of pictures, a smith is a craftsman  so we are smiths with your pixels on your pictures!. Also we hope you will pick us for your wedding or travel photography requirements. So our new site is

Its an integrated blog and website so all the information and wedding blogs from our weddidngs , pre-wed, venues , products and much are all on one site for you to browse. We are your friendly fully professional and insured husband and wife team of wedding photographers.  We shoot in a modern and contemporary style, capturing the personality and character of you and your day.

So if that’s what you are after we’d be delighted to hear from you and hear all about your ideas and plans.