Top Ten  Tips For Your Wirral Wedding Photography

Top Ten Tips For Your Wirral Wedding Photography


Top Ten Tips for Planning your Wirral Wedding Photography


January is a crazy time of year, wedding enquiries come flooding in . Christmas and New Year surprises and its congratulation your’re engaged, time to start planning that long list!

Obviously you’ll start with the most important.: date, church/venue



…so I though a few tips would be helpful:


Look at several photographers sites.  See that they have images from at least 2 weddings.  Choose one who takes pictures that you like first and foremost – after all these images can’t be repeated, and when the dress is in the wardrobe, cake all eaten these are the memories you will have.
Make a short-list and arrange to meet and discuss YOUR needs .  Look at the albums they offer – there are so many out there of varying qualities. Professional photographers will have access to trade accounts with  album companies. Compare the packages, number of pages in albums, are they like for like?.
Be aware of definitions used – page spread etc.. its not always the same!…some photographers call a page as  2 sides, some 1
Don’t be afraid to ask exactly what you are getting or you may not end up with what you expected ..and then spending even more.

Read their testimonials from past clients.

Check your photographer has back up equipment, is insured and gives you a contract.

Ask what happens if they can’t cover due to illness etc..
Pixsmiths have  a trusted network of photographers we can refer to of similar style and price.

Check out this article to dispel the misconception that photographers overcharge for a wedding.


When planning your day allow for realistic time-scales for your photography.As a rough guide leave approx 2.5 hrs between end of ceremony and start of wedding breakfast
-especially if you have to travel between the two.


Check house rules of venue – if you want those real vow and ring shots make sure the officiant allows photography during the service.
Ask your photographer if they are happy to attend any rehearsal if its a church wedding.
Sure you won’t need prompting but linger a few seconds  for the first kiss and your photographer will definitely capture it -)



If you require more formal group photographs – allow 2-3 mins per group. Provide your photographer with any special requests .
Designating someone to gather groups together saves valuable photographers time and you get back to your party quicker  too.


A pre-wed or engagement shoot is a great way to get to know your photographer before the big day.

Having a rapport with your photographer will really help in the day and will be reflected in your relaxed, natural looking images.
We love doing these types of shoots


In case you don’t have a pre-wed  and are worried what to do with your hands and feet here are some quick tips:

Feet – move your back foot sideways, place your weight on that back foot then place your other foot in front, thus forming  a T shape. Lean  hip towards the camera at an angle and place your hand on hips – very slimming girls!

Ladies hand and arms should have a bend, not straight – we have sensuous S-shapes ladies! leave the strong straight angles to the men.

Pose with head at a slight angl, not straight on  – keep thinking those s-shapes!
Keep shoulder facing towards the camera, drop your shoulders, raise chin slightly and don’t look down.  Go on have a practice!


Wedding car choice, what to choose?  White is traditional  but against a white dress not always good contrast for your pictures, perhaps consider an alternative colour

Whilst mentioning cars,Vintage cars are always popular but be aware that hooped dresses can provide interesting challenges! We had a bride who’s hoop got quite bent in the car and her bridesmaids had to rearrange her dress in the hotel foyer before she walked into the ceremony!


Love confetti shots? get your guests to use big and colourful  confetti – so much better for pics than small and pastel variety.


Don’t leave booking your photographer too long – good ones get booked a year in  advance, esp for prime summer Saturdays


Please offer to feed your photographer if they are with you for the whole day. They really appreciate it and then they won’t faint with hunger during the day/night.  A space  near to the wedding breakfast room means they are nearby in case the speeches are earlier than planned and they won’t miss any action for you. No body wants photographing when they are eating!  This is even more important if speeches are split between courses.

I’m sure you can thinks of other suggestions to, so please feel free to add in the comment section below and if you wish Pixsmiths to cover your wedding please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.