Coronavirus Contingencies: Staying Positive

Coronavirus Contingencies: Staying Positive

Coronavirus Contingencies Checklist

Coping with Covid-19 Wirral Wedding Postponements

Wirral wedding postponements

Pixsmiths have been a little quiet for a few days whilst we try and process all that is going on and all the ramifications involved in these unprecedented times
we know you are worried about Wirral wedding postponements
We are jet-lagged, having returned from a shortened trip to Malaysia (which we could not cancel without huge loss).
This trip was a much planned for, anticipated expensive special anniversary trip. Then within just a few days were forced to curtail our plans.
The stress of the situations fast happening around us in Malaysia, of having to leave our hotel and the lockdown was stressful and very upsetting.
Heartbreaking, there were tears of frustration at being caught in no man’s land with this trip and decisions made were futile just 12 hours later.
We were grateful to the support of our amazing travel agents at Escape worldwide who got us through it and back home.

So we know how you are feeling, the tears the heartbreak, feeling all the same emotions.  We all need some love at this time.
We empathise with you regarding your much-anticipated wedding, all the planning involved and now the frustration over the uncertainty of it and
the disappointment of not having the day on a specific date. Having to replan.  arghh, sure you want to vent and scream.
We just want to alleviate our couple of some of that stress, we are here for you to support you in any new plans you have and to guide you through some things to check.
Don’t think of it as a cancellation but a postponement.  Your day will happen, maybe not the day you planned for but it will happen.

Check church and/or Venue

As suppliers we are trying to keep up to speed with all the latest rules and enforcements, they are changing at a fast pace!
It’s worth checking with your church/venue/registrar to see what their guidance or enforcement is.
Some venues may allow outdoor weddings if social distancing can happen.
With the recent Government ban on restaurants and bars being open, your complete wedding may not be practical or desirable to you.
You may consider a scaled-down wedding – we believe limited to 5 in some churches -.  and a blessing or ceremony with a celebrant and party later when things are back to normal
Churches or registrars may restrict numbers.  Some councils may not undertake any ceremonies at this time, churches in Wales are affected.
So please do check and consider the options you have.
UPDATED 23/03/2020: The government has now enforced no weddings to take place for the next three weeks at least. This situation will be reviewed.

Check Your Contract

Pixsmiths always advise couples to have wedding insurance so it’s a good time to check your policy.
Different insurers have different terms and conditions.  Please bear in mind that some companies will not insure against covid-19 in any new policies taken out.
There are too many false stories out there if government force venues to cancel weddings you will be refunded by venue or insurance, there is no certainty of this.
if you cancel you undoubtedly would lose out.  The best way forward is to postpone and work with your venue on a new date so you are still covered.
we do hope your venue is supportive of your requirements at this time too.
Still, be good to check with your insurers if they cover your new date.

What Does our Contract state about cancellation?

“In the event that THE CLIENT cancels the services of Pixsmiths with 14 days, the booking fee and any other monies paid will be refunded.
For six weeks or less prior to the ceremony date the clients are responsible for the full payment of the due balance.
Cancellation from twelve to six weeks prior to original date, the clients will agree to pay 50% original balance.
Prior to twelve weeks, the original booking fee will be retained by Pixsmiths and any other payment made to Pixsmiths will be refunded to the client(s).”

However, due to this unusual unprecedented time, we treat each wedding on its own unique scenario.  No one needs extra stress at this time

What happens if not available for your new date?

We really hope we are available for any new dates but appreciate this may not always be possible due to an existing booking
The wedding suppliers in the northwest are amazingly supportive and we work with a select group of quality suppliers.
They are carefully chosen by us and are of a similar standard and style to us and we are happy to recommend them.
Two main options are:

1. Reschedule to another date not open on our calendar, but with an associate who will shoot and edit the images for your wedding.
2. Reschedule to another date not open on our calendar, but with an associate who will shoot your day and Pixsmiths will edit the images in our style and take care of any products required

If one of us was infected this could affect others and mainly older generations, naturally we wouldn’t want to put your families at risk.  Health comes first.
Of course, you may wish to select another photographer of your choice- whether recommended by us or not.
We would always encourage you to check their portfolio and chat with them to see if you have a rapport.

We are so sorry that this pandemic is causing such a disruption to what should be nothing but a joyous time, but hopefully, we can get a new date on the calendar quickly and get your plans back in motion.
A postponement means your date is not cancelled. We have rescheduled several weddings to new dates now – no extra charge for new contracts or 2021 dates.  Payments are just carried over.
We want to make this process as easy and stress-free for you in the coming weeks/months in these uncertain times. You will still have that amazing day and we really want to be there for you.

We will be contacting couples with outstanding weddings for the next few months to check on your plans and if you need any help.
We will also be contacting couples who have a pre-wed session booked to see how you wish to proceed and options open to you and us
Feel free to ask any questions in between. We really appreciate your understanding in these matters.
Take care and stay safe, health is more important in these times.

Dave & Sandy xx