Top 4 tips for Capturing Candid  Moments

Capturing candid moments at a wedding  gives us so much pleasure, our couples book us for our natural relaxed approach.
We have been asked to shed a little light on our top 4 tips for capturing moments on a weddign day, so hence this post!

Shooting a wedding can be a difficult yet rewarding event – there are so many components tht make up athe day and it passes so quickly, You only get that one chance to capture that moment.
Pixsmiths work as team we travel to preps and and do portrait shoots together as we can get a variety of shots in an efficient way which then gives us time to capture guests mingling as well.
Anyway here our top 4 tips for capturing candid moments

ONE Planning ahead!

It all starts with planning and communication with the couple, setting out expectations, finding out what is important to to them and working out a timeline
So no getting away with it, planning is where  it starts!  Bit ironic really but lets explain a bit further.
We would always recommend a two hour gap between end of ceremony and sitting down for the wedding breakfast meal.  if travel between venues is involved ten add that factor in too.
The day goes fast enough for the couple so  if you have a tight timeline rushing from end of ceremony into groups and some portraits straight into your meal you don’t have that time to relax and mingle with the guests.  We plan timelines and advise what time we need to leave for church or civil ceremony in case getting dressed shots are important or capturing that first look between dad and daughter. these type of candid shots we are more likely to capture  when bride gets ready at ceremony venue

TWO Watching and waiting!

Some times its a waiting game.  Constantly watching and waiting for something happening. Anticipation seeing action before it happens and then not only capturing  the action but also the reaction.
That can lead to magical candid moments.  Funny moments during speeches.  With two of us one is capturing the speakers and the other capturing reactions.  Funny moments during ceremonies
little boys trying to get underneath their mum’s wedding dress, grooms saying “my awful wife” instead of “lawful wife!  That was a classic moment

THREE Lens Choice

Most of our couple portrait and engagement shots are taken with a long lens we have a golden oldie 80-200 lens with great optics.  We like to set couple up in a good setting and simply get them to interact with each rather than stare down the lens barrel.  We are going to be introducing some little word games and other strategies in the New Year to really engage and capture the special moments and looks.
Don’t want to give away all the trade secrets just yet though!  A simple walking shot captured straight on by primary shooter and a side angle by second shooter at a different focal length can provide differing shots to tell the story..  Just letting a couple enjoy a few minutes alone on a busy busy day will be so appreciated.

capturing candid moments St Georges Hall Liverpool

FOUR Just letting the day unfold!

Just letting the day unfold telling its own story, just  going with the flow, rather than shooting to a set formula (shooting by numbers as we call it)
That kind of day, documentary reportage style.  Just enjoying the day with friends and family that can create the best moments
For reportage style shots i plan to use a smaller mirror-less camera like the Olympus OMD  less bulky than our Nikon DSLR and hence more discrete.
We have had some very shy couples who literally didn’t want to pose for any pics, barring a big group shot and we just went with the flow and captured the moments as they unfolded.


So there we go 4 tips from Pixsmiths on capturing candid moments. Hope you found it useful. Please let us know by commenting below