Plans for Would Have Been Wedding Day

A Date at Ness Gardes

Like many other couples, Emily and Will decided to postpone their wedding for when things are less restricted.
Couples still want to do something special on their original wedding date though, rather than let the day pass thinking of what could have been.
There are many options – a socially distanced family party.  Friends popping by with good wishes and little gifts.  Picnics, a special date or trip..

To mark their would have been wedding day, a date at Ness Gardens was Emily and Will’s choice. Delighted they asked us to join them too to capture some memorable pictures.
Ness Botanical Gardens reopened its doors on the 10th August and even 12 days later for our visit, it was so peaceful.
Whatever the season at Ness there is always beautiful locations to enjoy and its sweeping views down to the Dee.
We used the colors of the garden to frame their shots
Even a little rain didn’t deter them, armed with an umbrella we got some cute shots.
A few little showers and in between some sunshine, yeah!  The colors popped with the rain.

would have been wedding day Ness Gardens

colours of Ness Gardens

Down by the rock garden, just by the hut where Ness has its outdoor ceremonies we put Emily and Will on the spot and got them to say some special words to each other.
We stepped back out of earshot so it was a private moment for them…and our long lenses!

We had a good natter over drinks in the cafe before Emily and Will left to spend time with their family.
With a love of macro photography of the flora we spent another hour enjoying the gardens.
Such a lovely time the day flew by!

Emily and Will thank you for sharing some time us on your would have been wedding day.
Glad you marked it by doing something special and that you enjoyed a family bbq afterward.
Next year for your day at Brook Hall will be epic!